Today’s The Day!

Zog, Zebedee, Cosmo and I are all set to blast off and launch right into our story! (FINALLY!) I’m hoping you guys are all prepped too...Cosmo helped us get ready in our video call with his list of all the space stuff we’d need (if you fail to prepare you prepare to... have your head explode and your eyes pop out apparently!) 

And we also learnt all about the science behind the pushing power of THRUST that gets our rocket off the ground and into space in Cosmo’s Balloon Rocket Blast Off!

So I think it’s high time we got into the story, Cosmo has been messing with some sort of technological equipment for today’s transmission...he says it’s where the story starts so I’m trusting him and leaving him to it.

Meanwhile I’m brushing up on my space facts, finding out about our solar system and plotting our journey...I reckon we should start on Mars because I’m sure there might be some sort of life there...we’ll have to see where our story takes us! 

But after today’s part of the story maybe you could do some learning about space too, I know there are lots of ideas for research in the Let’s Go to Space activity book (PDF) back on the Sun and Moon Festival website via the Resources page, the story is in there too so you could read ahead if you wanted...but I wouldn’t want to spoil it personally ;)


Strap yourselves in fellow space explorers and we hope you’ll enjoy our inflight entertainment as we journey to the stars!

Carrie x