Hello Earthlings!

This is Astronaut Carrie reporting from my Grandad’s International Isolation Space Station! (or G.I.I.S.S for short…) 

I know I can’t be the only one sitting at home with not a lot to do and basically I found myself going over some old adventures that me and my BESTEST friend Cosmo, an awesome space explorer and sailor of the seven seas, had been on and this got me thinking…

What if we spent this week reliving or RE-ADVENTURING some old adventures! Obviously it’s not the easiest thing to do stuck at home but I’ve got in contact with Cosmo (who also seems to be quarantined somewhere pretty out of this world…) and he reckons it’s a great idea so we’ve found a totally brilliant way to do it!

So over the next few days why don’t you join me and Cosmo for a video a day, retelling one of our adventures (have you guessed which one yet?) along with some interstellar activities, AND we’ve got some songs that you can really rocket to!..(sorry)

So how about it super stars!? Neptune in this week, get yourselves suited up and 


Space girl Carrie signing off...for now!

FIND OUR FIRST VIDEO HERE: https://www.sunandmoonfestival.org/resources?wix-vod-video-id=3c1c4e17b33e410cb8bc4be8a5960acf&wix-vod-comp-id=comp-kawkzevb

‘Let’s Go To Space’ was originally created as part of an Arts Council England bid, in conjunction with La Luna and Grimsby Jazz Projects. The project ran as a music and theatre workshop, touring across schools in North East Lincolnshire in 2019. Now, Lisa February and Matthew Gray have adapted the story, written by Josie Moon, into a short video series with support from Hetty McCarthy. The music used in the workshops, written by Pat McCarthy, acts as a wonderful resource alongside our videos, and will feature every day in our posts. We would like to thank East Marsh United, supported by Creative Civic Change funding, for allowing this video series to be a possibility.