Hello and welcome to this edition of your Proud East Marshian magazine.

The clocks have just gone back and we’re preparing ourselves for winter. This can be a cold, dark and difficult time. But this winter will be different because it offers you the chance to get involved in your East Marsh Community and move forward together.

This edition shows you how busy we’ve been recently.

The theme for it started with Paul Haddock’s piece ‘Move On’ which explores ways in which we can help ourselves to overcome difficulties, improve our wellbeing and move into a brighter future.

Everything we’ve done since our last edition has been about moving on. Making small, simple changes can have a big impact on you and the people around you.

In these pages you’ll see how to get involved. So, join groups. Get out into nature. Take a walk with a neighbour around the park. Help to shape your community library. Pop into the Sun and Moon room for a chat at the Kitchen Table. All of these activities give us a sense of belonging and helps to develop our belov- ed East Marsh community.

Within these pages you’ll also meet Community Organiser, Bryn Philips, who is working in Grimsby until Christmas. He’s busy meeting people, listening to our life stories and asking about our hopes for ourselves and the future of the town. Richard has some simple but brilliant ideas for taking photos, so don’t let the colder weather stop you from getting out and taking some snaps.

Remember, we all have a voice, now it’s time to make your voice heard. So, your winter challenge is: Get Involved.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon. Until then, take care, get involved and stay proud!

Love from the Sun and Moon Team

Sun and moon community arts festival East Marsh United


REMAKe is our name for our community arts group and it stands for 

Revolutionary East Marsh Arts Kollective. 


‘Revolutionary’, eh? Big claim! But, the word is important to us because it means ‘involving or causing a complete or dramatic change’ and it is that kind of change that is needed on our East Marsh – we want to change ways of thinking, ways of Being, ways of doing. We want people to look around at their lives here and say ‘This is Home’, I’m proud to live here,

I’m a Proud East Marshian!

So, what’s the ‘Festival’ about? First of all, it’s part of a new,

£4million national funding programme called

‘Creative Civic Change’ (more here). Fourteen communities

across England are set to transform their local areas as part of

the programme. Over the next three years, these communities will

take the lead and use creativity to generate meaningful

civic change in their area.

Representing Grimsby and the East Marsh, REMAKe will use our grant to run four big celebratory events that will showcase local artists, crafters and makers. We will build local networks through taster courses and creative visits focusing on arts and crafts, performing arts, words and multimedia. 


It’s telling stories about you and about the East Marsh. And it’s learning to use cameras and videos to truly see and show our East Marsh and share with the whole world – because we are proud of our neighbourhood.

For three years we will be setting up and guiding independent and cooperative art, craft, writing, performance, media and maker groups that will make positive change happen around our East Marsh. Above all we are challenging people to stop being used to the way things are, to not accept it, to imagine a different, a better world.

Whatever your relationship with the East Marsh: resident, worker, visitor, friend or family, you are welcome to come and share in this unique festival. 

The festival plan works backwards from four big events in Year 3, evenly spaced through the year along equinox and solstice markers, intended to offer a big splash showcase for the community groups of artists, crafters and makers. Above all, we want people to look around at the East Marsh and their lives here and say

I’m a Proud East Marshian!

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