Proud East MArshian magazine:

Hello everyone and welcome to your Proud East Marshian.

Well, Christmas has been and gone and we’re through January – the month that always seems to last a year – and there are signs of hope everywhere this month. This edition will carry us into spring, and it’s crammed with optimism and renewal.

The snowdrop makes its appearance this month. In folklore, it has many names: the fair maid of February, Mary’s tapers and my favourite, little sister of the snows. They all make the snowdrop sound delicate, and the flower itself looks fragile and vulnerable.

But don’t be deceived. This flower’s strong, spikey leaves can push through frozen soil and the plant has its own anti-freeze to cope with the harshest weather February can deliver! It’s not surprising the snowdrop symbolises overcoming obstacles, a willingness to grow, and hope for the future.

If you’re planning a tattoo later this year, a snowdrop stands for friendship in adversity and personal growth, making it a great choice for 2021!

We’ve all shown these qualities over the last year and we’re emerging after the winter ready for anything.

The Proud East Marshian is changing too. We’ve decided to publish it every quarter, rather than every month, so that we can offer a bumper edition every time. Our next edition will be out in April, just in time for Easter.

And with this change comes a challenge for you. We want to publish your writing. East Marsh writers Stephen Barrett and Michael Parker both have their poems in this edition. Maybe you have a poem, a memory, or a story to share? Some of you will be itching to write an article based on a subject that means a lot to you. That’s fabulous.

There are other options for you too, such as photo journals with bite sized pieces of writing to show us your garden, or maybe a walk around your neighbourhood, snapping photos as you go and writing snippets to go with each.

Or maybe you’ve had a craft box from us, and you’d like to photograph what you’ve created (and the different stages of this creation) and write about too.

You don’t have to write lots.

If you want to write a piece for the magazine but feel unsure about it, send us a messenger via our Facebook page, Sun and Moon Community Arts Festival, and we can chat about it and make it happen.

Keep checking our Facebook page for writing ideas and send any writing you’ve done to:

Let’s stand in solidarity with one another (and with the snowdrop) and challenge ourselves to try something new in 2021.

Let’s get writing and get our voices heard.

With love from the Sun and Moon team.

REMAKe is our name for our community arts group and it stands for 

Revolutionary East Marsh Arts Kollective. 


‘Revolutionary’, eh? Big claim! But, the word is important to us because it means ‘involving or causing a complete or dramatic change’ and it is that kind of change that is needed on our East Marsh – we want to change ways of thinking, ways of Being, ways of doing. We want people to look around at their lives here and say ‘This is Home’, I’m proud to live here,

I’m a Proud East Marshian!

So, what’s the ‘Festival’ about? First of all, it’s part of a new,

£4million national funding programme called

‘Creative Civic Change’ (more here). Fourteen communities

across England are set to transform their local areas as part of

the programme. Over the next three years, these communities will

take the lead and use creativity to generate meaningful

civic change in their area.

Representing Grimsby and the East Marsh, REMAKe will use our grant to run four big celebratory events that will showcase local artists, crafters and makers. We will build local networks through taster courses and creative visits focusing on arts and crafts, performing arts, words and multimedia. 


It’s telling stories about you and about the East Marsh. And it’s learning to use cameras and videos to truly see and show our East Marsh and share with the whole world – because we are proud of our neighbourhood.

For three years we will be setting up and guiding independent and cooperative art, craft, writing, performance, media and maker groups that will make positive change happen around our East Marsh. Above all we are challenging people to stop being used to the way things are, to not accept it, to imagine a different, a better world.

Whatever your relationship with the East Marsh: resident, worker, visitor, friend or family, you are welcome to come and share in this unique festival. 

The festival plan works backwards from four big events in Year 3, evenly spaced through the year along equinox and solstice markers, intended to offer a big splash showcase for the community groups of artists, crafters and makers. Above all, we want people to look around at the East Marsh and their lives here and say

I’m a Proud East Marshian!

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