Proud East MArshian magazine:

Hello everyone and welcome to the September edition of your online Proud East Marshian.


August has been interesting here at the PEM. 


We hit the streets on the hottest day of the month with a tripod, camera, and a mic on a 2-metre pole to film families across the East Marsh who decorated their windows. And what a great day we had.


We met the loveliest of families who told us the stories behind their window designs. As these video stars talked us through their imaginative decorations it became clear that protection was at the forefront of their minds. Protect the NHS, protect one another and protect the environment. 


We were truly moved by the sentiments behind the designs and the hours that have been spent researching, planning and creating these colourful windows. Watch this space for more call outs for window designers as we head towards Christmas.


Annabel has worked her magic and turned the film footage into a video. Watch it on our multimedia page ( Don’t miss it!


In this edition, we visit self-confessed East Marsh Womble Ernie Brown at his home, Maria gives us a beautiful piece about autumn, Gordon celebrates the fantastic achievement of one of our own from the East Marsh, Josie tells us about the windows project and, as restrictions lift, we think about reunions. All this and some original writing too, so dive in!

As always, stay safe, stay positive and stay proud.


With love from the Sun and Moon Team x

REMAKe is our name for our community arts group and it stands for 

Revolutionary East Marsh Arts Kollective. 


‘Revolutionary’, eh? Big claim! But, the word is important to us because it means ‘involving or causing a complete or dramatic change’ and it is that kind of change that is needed on our East Marsh – we want to change ways of thinking, ways of Being, ways of doing. We want people to look around at their lives here and say ‘This is Home’, I’m proud to live here,

I’m a Proud East Marshian!

So, what’s the ‘Festival’ about? First of all, it’s part of a new,

£4million national funding programme called

‘Creative Civic Change’ (more here). Fourteen communities

across England are set to transform their local areas as part of

the programme. Over the next three years, these communities will

take the lead and use creativity to generate meaningful

civic change in their area.

Representing Grimsby and the East Marsh, REMAKe will use our grant to run four big celebratory events that will showcase local artists, crafters and makers. We will build local networks through taster courses and creative visits focusing on arts and crafts, performing arts, words and multimedia. 


It’s telling stories about you and about the East Marsh. And it’s learning to use cameras and videos to truly see and show our East Marsh and share with the whole world – because we are proud of our neighbourhood.

For three years we will be setting up and guiding independent and cooperative art, craft, writing, performance, media and maker groups that will make positive change happen around our East Marsh. Above all we are challenging people to stop being used to the way things are, to not accept it, to imagine a different, a better world.

Whatever your relationship with the East Marsh: resident, worker, visitor, friend or family, you are welcome to come and share in this unique festival. 

The festival plan works backwards from four big events in Year 3, evenly spaced through the year along equinox and solstice markers, intended to offer a big splash showcase for the community groups of artists, crafters and makers. Above all, we want people to look around at the East Marsh and their lives here and say

I’m a Proud East Marshian!

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